Monitor Your Equipment From Anywhere

Utilize the internet of things to track, monitor, and diagnose your machines and processes. Generate efficiencies and improve performance with access to vital data in real time.

We specialize in applying internet of things technology to your unique project.

Custom Solutions

Your business is unique, and you have not found an off-the-shelf solution that fits your needs.

Or you’ve found a solution that comes close, but you need to keep trade secrets close and assure that your growth is not hindered by someone else’s production schedule.

Bring us your custom sensors, your unique configurations, and let’s build solutions together.

Remote Monitoring

Temperature, motion, humidity, volume, open/close and virtually any other condition you need monitored for business.

Predictive Maintenance

Detect early and save money. Eliminate unplanned downtime and optimize service technician trips.

Sensors and Smart Devices

Monitoring the condition or location of your assets may need custom devices or may be able to use off-the-shelf third party equipment.

We develop solutions to work with existing equipment and industrial sensors. We also work with early stage companies and R&D departments to integrate IoT technology into new products.

Gateways, Hubs, and Routers

Harsh conditions and remote locations do not need to be a limiting factor.

Battery powered or hardwired. We can get your data from sensors to the cloud with Bluetooth, WiFi, and Cellular.

Cloud Computing and Business Logic

Our partnerships with data centers allow us to provide you with the best in IoT device cloud hosting. You are welcome and encouraged, to tour our data centers and meet our partners.

We build the best possible solutions by leveraging open source software and integrating your proprietary business logic.

Our expertise assures that your project is built to the highest standards and documented to meet your compliance and legal requirements.

Prototype to Scale

We work with enterprises, small businesses, and entrepreneurs at all stages, ready to transform their industry.